Protecting Our Dealers

At ACP, we have always felt fortunate to be a part of this industry. Making the transition 30 years ago from manufacturing bumpers to a “start-up” classic reproduction parts company has been both challenging and rewarding! It’s great to be working with so many friendly Dealers who have put their lives into their businesses. We are always listening to our Dealers’ feedback and one of the main concerns that we’ve heard over the past few years is about the growth of non-stocking, internet-only parts stores. Many talk about how these “virtual” shops operate with no overhead and sell online at prices that make running a profitable business unsustainable. Our Dealers feel that these less-than-professional operators will ultimately ruin the marketplace.

So we listened. And this is what we’ve come up with to better support our long-standing Dealers and to help protect the industry:

  • Higher Initial Buy-In Requirement – ACP has increased our Initial Buy-In amount to make sure that new Dealers are serious about the industry and are committed to the business investment. In general, this will also slow the growth of new Dealers entering the market and provide time for our current Dealers to grow.
  • No More “Online Only” Dealers – ACP no longer accepts applications from Dealers that operate solely Online. Dealers must have a physical store-front or warehouse and stock our products in-house.
  • Vintage/Restoration Specific Dealers Only – ACP will only accept applications from Dealers that focus on the Vintage/Restoration market. Some of our competitors distribute to general automotive stores, like Auto Zone or Summit Racing, and we feel that this damages the integrity of our marketplace.
  • 100% wholesale, 0% Retail – Unlike some other wholesale companies in the industry, ACP has always been 100% wholesale and never competes against our Dealers in retail.
  • No More “Drop Ship Only” Dealers – We are going against the grain on this one! ACP no longer supports drop shipments as a primary means of order fulfillment. All Dealers are encouraged to maintain an inventory and use their limited drop ships for “emergency” use only. Please see our Terms & Policies page for complete details.

ACP has always been a Family-owned company built on trust and relationships. We would love to see this industry continue to flourish and we will strive to protect our Dealers so that they can pass their businesses on to the next generation.